Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage


Indian head massage (or Champissage) is a simple, non-invasive therapy that works to reduce muscle tension in the shoulders, upper arms, back, neck, scalp & face. It involves the therapist using their hands to knead, rub & squeeze the body’s soft tissues, such as the muscles.

Indian head massage is a delicate treatment massaging pressure points which will leave you perfectly relaxed. It can be performed with or without oil.

Indian head massage & hand reflexology can be combined & are especially effective in treating repetitive strain injury.

Indian head massage can help with a range of ailments:

  • headaches
  • sinusitis
  • facial hypertension
  • carpal tunnel syndrome due to referred pain
  • frozen shoulder
  • tinnitus
  • bruxism
  • migraine
  • neck & upper back pain
  • facial palsy

Specific beneficial effects include:


  • an increase in vitality
  • promoting total relaxation
  • helping to improve condition of the skin
  • helping to stimulate hair growth
  • helping with mental fatigue & improving concentration levels
  • aiding detoxification of the body


£45 for 30 minutes | £65 for 60 minutes | £90 for 90 minutes

 Therapists offering Indian Head Massage