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Kevin Keti

Kevin is a highly qualified sports massage therapist with a Level 5 BTEC certification. He is also a certified personal trainer. Currently, Kevin is pursuing a Master's degree at the University College of Osteopathy, which he is expected to complete by 2025.

With his background in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, post-operative Lymphatic Drainage, and Pregnancy Massage, Kevin has gained valuable experience and developed a deep understanding of the complexity of the human body. He believes that through proper education, individuals can lead healthy and productive lives. Kevin's training in osteopathy and massage has equipped him with extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology, as well as practical skills like soft tissue release and neuromuscular techniques.

Kevin takes pride in providing personalised massages to his clients, tailoring each session to their specific needs. He understands the importance of both physical and mental exercise and believes that they should be incorporated into daily life. In addition to his passion for sports and fitness, Kevin has a keen interest in reformer Pilates, enjoys traveling, and is committed to continuous self-improvement in order to excel as a therapist.

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