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Pregnancy Osteopathy

Excellent hands on treatment.


Pregnancy places many unique demands on a woman’s body; nine months of pregnancy and labour have a big impact on your spine and pelvic floor.


Hormones will soften the ligaments, which are necessary for the body to accommodate the baby as it grows, adding stress on certain joints which often leads to aches and sprains.


Pregnancy Osteopathy can treat and reduce the demands on your body.

Osteopathy is a completely natural therapy, which identifies and treats mobility restrictions and aims to reduce the demands placed in the spine, joints and surrounding tissue. This helps to prepare your body for the rigours of pregnancy and delivery, as well as recovery and delivery.

Pregnancy Osteopathy can also help with pelvic floor dysfunction, abdominal weakness, back pain, pelvic girdle pain and circulatory problems and swelling.


Each of our treatments is individually tailored for each mothers needs. A thorough assessment will be made during the initial consultation.

Our specialist Pregnancy Osteopaths are:
David Hohenschurz-Schmidt



Marta Vacca


£85 Initial consultation and treatment

£73 Follow-up Session

Covid Safety

All our therapists always wear correct PPE when treating.

We take extra time to thoroughly clean and air the rooms between clients.

For now, we no longer have a receptionist onsite in order to reduce numbers in the clinic, please bear with us.

We want both you, and our therapists, to be as safe as possible.

Brixton Therapy Centre is near Streatham Hill, Tulse Hill and Herne Hill and is easily accessible from the surrounding areas such as Brixton Hill, Streatham, Clapham, Peckham, Camberwell, East Dulwich, Kennington, Oval, Vauxhall and Stockwell, covering the postcodes SW9, SW2, SW4, SW8, SW16, SE24, SE15, SE5, SE22, SE11, SE1.

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Exploring Pregnancy Osteopathy: A Comprehensive Guide for South West London's Expectant Mothers

Introduction to Pregnancy Osteopathy

Having experienced being a soon-to-be mother, I understand the myriad of physical changes that pregnancy brings forth. From the initial hormonal changes to the constant growth of the baby, these transformations can often lead to discomfort. One such discomfort is pelvic girdle pain, a common affliction among pregnant women. However, there is a solution that not many may be aware of - pregnancy osteopathy. In my quest to find relief, I came across this holistic therapy, and it has been a game changer.

Osteopathy is a way of detecting and treating health issues by moving, stretching, and massaging an individual’s muscles and joints. When it comes to pregnancy, osteopathy can aid in reducing discomfort caused by changes in posture and added weight. Pregnancy osteopaths in London, especially in the South West region, are adept at providing this service, helping many expectant mothers.

Osteopathy for pregnant women is rapidly gaining recognition due to its non-invasive nature and its focus on the body's innate ability to heal itself. The practice aims to improve overall body functioning by treating the musculoskeletal framework. This includes the joints, muscles, and spine, which directly impacts the body's nervous, circulatory, and lymphatic systems.

Understanding Pelvic Girdle Pain during Pregnancy

Pelvic girdle pain, or PGP, is a pregnancy discomfort that I was unfortunately familiar with. It's a condition that causes pain in the joints that make up your pelvic girdle. The pain can range from mild to severe and can impact your mobility. Luckily, I found solace in osteopathy, which proved to be an effective treatment for my pelvic girdle pain.

The pelvic girdle is a ring of bones around your body at the base of your spine. PGP is a condition that makes this ring of bones stiff, resulting in pain and difficulty in movement. PGP can start at any stage of pregnancy, and the pain can be felt anywhere from the lower back to the thigh. As a woman who has experienced it, I can attest to the discomfort it causes.

While PGP is a common condition during pregnancy, it shouldn't be considered a normal part of the process. It's a treatable condition, and with the right care, it doesn't have to have a significant impact on your pregnancy or birth. This is where a pregnancy osteopath in South London, like the ones I visited, comes in.

Benefits of Osteopathy for Pregnant Women

Through my journey with osteopathy, I discovered numerous benefits that I, and many other pregnant women, could reap. The first and foremost was relief from pain. The gentle manipulation techniques used by osteopaths helped alleviate my pelvic girdle pain, making my pregnancy journey much more comfortable.

Osteopathy doesn't just target pain relief. Its holistic approach means it also works to improve other aspects of health. It can aid in digestion, reduce swelling and inflammation, and even help manage stress and anxiety. As a pregnant woman, these benefits made my pregnancy much smoother and less daunting.

Furthermore, osteopathy can also prepare your body for labour. By ensuring that the pelvis and other structures are balanced and ready, osteopathy can ease the birthing process. The osteopaths I visited in Brixton were instrumental in helping me prepare for this crucial stage.

Why Choose an Osteopath for Pregnancy-Related Pelvic Pain?

Choosing an osteopath for pregnancy-related pelvic pain was one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy. Osteopaths have comprehensive knowledge about the body, understanding how its parts are intimately interconnected. This enables them to treat the root causes of pain, rather than just the symptoms.

Osteopaths utilise a range of techniques to alleviate pregnancy-related pelvic pain. From gentle stretching to focused pressure, these techniques were tailored to my specific needs, ensuring optimal relief. My osteopath in Brixton also provided me with exercises and advice to continue the treatment at home, empowering me to take control of my health.

Moreover, osteopaths take a holistic approach to health care. They understand that physical health is interconnected with mental well-being, and they strive to improve both. This holistic approach, coupled with their non-invasive techniques, made osteopathy a very appealing option for me, and I would highly recommend it to other pregnant women.

Locating a Pregnancy Osteopath in South London

Finding the right osteopath was a crucial part of my journey. South London is host to a wide array of osteopathy clinics, each with their specialities and approaches. To help you navigate this landscape, I've detailed some of the areas where I found the best osteopathy services for pregnant women.

Exploring Osteopathy Services in Brixton

I first discovered the benefits of osteopathy during my time in Brixton. The osteopath pregnant women Brixton clinics have are skilled and knowledgeable, providing excellent services catered to the needs of expectant mothers. With a holistic approach to health and well-being, these osteopaths provided me with much-needed relief from my pelvic girdle pain.

Finding a Pregnancy Osteopath near Clapham

In my search for an osteopath, Clapham was a location that came highly recommended. The osteopath pregnant women near Clapham have access to are experienced in dealing with pregnancy-related issues. They provided me with personalised treatment plans that catered to my unique needs as a pregnant woman, making my journey towards motherhood a lot more comfortable.

Osteopathy Services for Pregnant Women near Herne Hill

Another location with excellent osteopathy services is Herne Hill. The osteopath pregnant women near Herne Hill can consult are knowledgeable and empathetic, providing a comforting environment for treatment. They offered a range of techniques, from soft tissue massage to gentle joint mobilisation, that greatly alleviated my discomfort.

Pregnancy Osteopathy Options near Tulse Hill

Tulse Hill is another area in South London where I found great osteopathy services. The osteopath pregnant women near Tulse Hill can go to are adept at treating a range of pregnancy-related issues. They helped me understand my body better and provided techniques that were both effective and easy to incorporate into my daily routine.

Osteopathy Solutions for Expectant Mothers near Streatham Hill

In Streatham Hill, I came across osteopaths who were experts in the field of pregnancy-related pain. The osteopath pregnant women near Streatham Hill can access offer a comprehensive range of services, from pain relief to helping prepare the body for childbirth. They were instrumental in enabling me to enjoy my pregnancy journey, despite the challenges.

Uncovering Osteopathy Services near Stockwell

My exploration of osteopathy services also led me to Stockwell. The osteopath pregnant women near Stockwell can visit are well-versed in managing the physical changes that come with pregnancy. They guided me through various exercises and techniques that I could do at home, empowering me to manage my discomfort effectively.

Pregnancy Osteopathy Services near Camberwell

Camberwell is another area in South London that offers excellent osteopathy services. The osteopath pregnant women near Camberwell can consult provide a holistic approach to health and well-being. They helped me understand how my body was changing and equipped me with the knowledge and techniques to navigate these changes comfortably.

Exploring Osteopathy for Pregnant Women near Kennington

In Kennington, I found osteopaths who provided me with a comprehensive treatment plan that addressed all my pregnancy-related discomforts. The osteopath pregnant women near Kennington can visit offer services that go beyond pain relief, helping to improve overall health and well-being. They played a significant role in making my pregnancy journey a positive experience.

How to Prepare for Your First Osteopathy Session

Before my first osteopathy session, I remember feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness. However, preparing adequately helped me make the most of the experience. Here are a few tips that helped me.

Firstly, it's crucial to wear comfortable clothing as osteopaths need to manipulate your body. Secondly, be ready to share your medical history and any specific issues you're dealing with. This information helps the osteopath tailor the treatment to your unique needs. Lastly, don't hesitate to ask questions. Understanding the process can put you at ease and make the treatment more effective.

Conclusion: Making the Most of Your Pregnancy with Osteopathy

My journey through pregnancy was made significantly easier with the help of osteopathy. It provided me with much-needed relief from pain and a better understanding of my changing body. With the wide range of osteopathy services available in South West London, I was able to find the perfect fit for my needs.

Whether you're dealing with pelvic girdle pain or other pregnancy-related discomforts, I highly recommend considering osteopathy. Don't let discomfort mar this beautiful journey towards motherhood. Book an appointment with Brixton Therapy Centre's experienced pregnancy osteopaths today.

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