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Nigel Gilderson

Massage Therapist


Nigel originally trained as a P.E. teacher and tennis coach. His initial interest in the bio-mechanics of the body became more refined through yoga and tai chi practice. 


He was founder and director of Brockwell Lido yoga for 20+ years, and has trained many local teachers through Amrita School of Yoga.


His exploration into movement, where optimum outcome from minimum effort became a guiding principle, has profoundly informed his body work.


He has worked extensively in corporate environments, treating teams of staff as part of their well-being programmes.


He is qualified in holistic massage and Thai/yoga massage therapies, and has more recently undertaken MA studies in dance movement psychotherapy, revealing how the physical state of our bodies is informed and influenced by our state of mind and how we show up in the world, and vice versa.


Nigel is registered with the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) reg: 217050

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