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We understand that your work is important and it can be difficult to take time off for treatment. We also know that getting your pain relieved quickly means you need fewer treatments and you feel better sooner.

Our keen and experienced osteopaths can see you from 7am and up to 9pm on weekdays and all day Saturday.

We try to keep one or two sessions free every day. If you are in pain just phone and tell us and we will do our best to help you feel better as soon as possible

Same day appointments may be available. Please ask: 020 7733 9944.


London Osteopath offering treatments for Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Joint Pain and sports injuries. Our team of experienced Osteopaths are ready to offer you our specialised pain relief treatments.

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Mardi“Mardi has always impressed me with her knowledge and business acumen, having established an amazing therapy centre in the heart of Brixton whilst practicing as an osteopath and raising her lovely children. Mardi has brought together a fantastic team of practitioners, specialising in a diverse range of healing techniques, and is hugely respected within the community.

When for the first time in my life I encountered back pain, Mardi was amazing. She sorted me out straight away. Many of my own clients have also had treatment with Mardi, and without exception she is regarded as an exceptional osteopath who is not only accomplished in her field, but who is very warm and personable.

The latest addition to her clinic has been her new Pro-Back machine which uses NASA technology to delivery pain free treatment, breaking down scar tissue easing muscle tension. My partner has had chronic back problems for over 20 years, following an accident in his teens, but with Mardi's help he is now free from the debilitating suffering that he had come to accept as normal.

I thoroughly recommend Mardi as an osteopath, and a truly inspirational woman.”

August 21, 2011


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Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy is very effective for treating lower back pain, sciatica, hip and pelvic pain, neck and shoulder tension, nausea, indigestion, heartburn,  SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) and post-natal coccyx pain.

Cranial osteopathy is offered to babies to help overcome the powerful process of birth as they pass down the birth canal. Osteopathic treatment can be of great benefit in helping premature babies; both during their early and most vulnerable time, and as they grow later on.

Complementary Therapies

We have been offering affordable complementary therapies in Brixton and South London since 2002.  We have a large team of welcoming therapists offering a wide range of therapies - please see our therapies page for more information.


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Cranio Sacral Therapy

Bowen Technique

Beauty Treatments


Hopi Ear Candling





Nutritional Therapy

Pain Management


We aim to offer help for most conditions however if our experienced therapists judge that a condtion requires a medical intervention we have good links with most local general practitioners.

You can find us just two minutes from Brixton tube at the end of the Victoria line - we are well placed to offer our services to the whole of South London and South West London: from Pimlico to Streatham Hill, Clapham to Camberwell.

An appointment is best but sometimes last minute appointments can be arranged - just phone our friendly receptionists to find out.

Call us now on 020 7733 9944 to book an appointment

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers make a fantastic present. We can make it easy for you by emailing, or posting, a gift voucher to your friend or relative - you don't need to schlepp round the shops in a panic or wait for a delivery.

You can pay via paypal using the button above - we charge an additional £2 to cover charges so please add that to the amount you want the gift voucher to be for.

If you would like us to put a special message on for you please add it under special instructions when paying.

Alternatively you can call in to the clinic with cash or post a cheque for no extra charge.

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Common conditions treated:

  • back or neck pain
  • headaches and migraines
  • stress related conditions
  • whiplash injuries
  • 'frozen' or stiff shoulders
  • sciatica
  • slipped disc
  • 'trapped' nerves
  • pregnancy back ache
  • sports injuries
  • arthritic conditions
  • hip, thigh and knee problems
  • calf, shin, ankle or foot pain
  • tennis elbow and tendonitits


ProBack Pulse Using Nasa Technology

Pain Free, 'Crack' Free Manipulation - getting patients better Mardi points to screenquicker

We have now acquired a remarkable new machine called ProBack Pulse. This device brings osteopathy into the 21st century, allowing us to manipulate 'stuck' joints without pain and without 'cracking'. Using this machine we can get patients better quicker more info

Free Spinal Check (Limited Time Offer)

*  Currently and for a limited period at Brixton Therapy Centre we are offering you the opportunity to have a free spinal check with our ProBack Pulse machine.


Call us now on 020 7733 9944 to book an appointment for your Free Spinal Check.

What is the ProBack Pulse?

*  It is very advanced technology that is based on technology developed by NASA for the Space Program.

*  The ProBack Pulse locates and corrects the subluxations occurring in your spine. Correcting subluxations provides relief and eliminates these irritating or painful problems.

*  The ProBack Pulse accurately determines whether the vertebrae is out of position by applying a very light mechanical force to the spine. The amount of this force is equivalent to tapping your fingers on a table. The vibration returned to the ProBack Pulse allows the computer to completely evaluate the position of each vertebrae, giving far more information to the doctor about your spinal health than was ever available before. This results in a higher level of care for you than was previously available.

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Mardi treating Alex