Covid 19 procedures

We are working with the guidance laid down by Public Health England and ourgoverning bodies to ensure we will be wearing the correct protective equipment to minimise risk. We want both you, and our therapists, to be as safe as possible.


  • We no longer have linen on our plinths, including introducing plastic pillow cases, so we can spray down between clients. Please feel free to bring your own towel if you would like.

  • A 15 minute gap between clients to give us time to clean all touchable surfaces as well as to ensure patients don't bump into each other on the stairs

  • So please arrive on time, neither early nor late, to ensure we keep to the smooth running of our infection control procedures.

  • We will be using one room for the consultation, where we will keeping to a 2m distance, and a different room for the treatment, where we obviously can't keep to a 2m distance (even if we had really long arms, like Fergus :))

  • We may carry out some of the consultations by video, or possibly by phone, the day before the treatment, to minimise contact.

  • We are avoiding handling cash so it will be really helpful if you paid by card via our appointment diary or we can arrange to make a bank transfer.


We cannot treat you if:

  • You have experienced cold or flu-like symptoms in the last two weeks, or have been in contact with anyone with these symptoms in the last two weeks.

  • You are in the high risk (clinically extremely vulnerable) category outlined here on the NHS website.

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