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Don’t Let the Spring in Your Step Be a Pain in the Neck

With the return of Spring and warmer weather, many of us have been back outside enjoying the sunshine, getting on with the gardening and other outside activities hiking, cycling, and other things that we perhaps did not do quite so much of over the winter months.

Although the benefits of activity and particular outside activities are enormous it also means that as practitioners we see a few more people through our doors with injuries especially sprains, strains, and pains as a result of the resumption of these activities.

We’d like to provide a few tips on how to reduce the likelihood of requiring our services. But we also want to give you some information about how and why some of the services we offer at our therapy centre in the heart of South London such as massage and osteopathy can support and protect your body as you resume activities.

Furthermore we will suggest how we, at the Brixton Therapy Centre, can help when resuming spring and summer hobbies and pastimes has led to discomfort or pain so that you can continue to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle in the warmth, sunshine and fresh air.

Common Injuries Caused By Spring and Summer Activities

The kinds of activities that people resume once the sun comes out include home maintenance such as painting and window and gutter cleaning, spring cleaning, tennis, hiking/walking, cycling and gardening. If your body is unaccustomed to making the movements associated with these activities, especially repetitive and or intensive activities and those which involve an overhead motion or a lot of bending then pain and injuries are more likely.

These include:

  • Sprains.

  • Muscles spasms

  • Rotator cuff tears.

  • Shoulder impingement.

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Tendonitis

  • Neck and shoulder pain and related headaches.

  • Low back pain

How to Prevent Injury and Pain When Resuming Outside Activities

  • Pace yourself - especially if you have led a more sedate lifestyle over the winter months, don’t come out of hibernation and overdo it. Whatever your activity, start with 10 minutes then rest and see how you feel.

  • Listen to your body - don’t ignore niggles, aches and pains. They are your body’s warning signs and a signal to stop and rest.

  • Warm-up - whatever the activity that you are resuming, even if it is gardening or house maintenance rather than a more sporting activity, make sure you warm up your muscles beforehand, start with a walk and a few gentle stretches.

  • Warm down - once you’ve finished your activity make sure you stretch and consider a warm bath or compress to soothe and ease your joints and muscles.

  • Think about your technique during your activity, make sure you bend at the knees where possible, especially when lifting and don’t stay in one position for too long.

  • Consider booking a preventative massage, osteopathic massage or osteopathy treatment to increase flexibility and improve circulation to stretch and soothe tight muscles or to free up joints and muscles allowing freer movement.

  • Next Autumn and Winter keep your body strong and supple with a regular yoga or pilates class and/or regular massage or osteopathy.

How Osteopathy Can Help You Resume Outside Activities This Spring and Summer

Osteopathy is a holistic treatment meaning the body is viewed as a whole rather than looking solely at a particular problem or injury.

With manipulation, stretching, and massage of joints, muscles and connective tissues an osteopath can detect, treat and even prevent pains, sprains, strains, and injuries. Osteopathic treatments support the body's natural healing processes by increasing blood supply through improved circulation. Also, by increasing joint mobility and relieving muscle tension, it reduces the effects of problems ‘travelling’ or putting unnatural strain on other areas of the body; for example, a problem which begins in the back could cause knee or leg pain as the body compensates and alters natural movement.

Lymphatic drainage is another benefit of osteopathy and can help to reduce swelling and promote healing.

How Massage Can Help you Resume Outside Activities This Spring and Summer

Therapeutic massage of all kinds can improve circulation which gives the body the nutrient-rich blood it needs to heal itself. Massage also increases lymphatic flow which speeds the removal of waste from the body which can reduce swelling and assist with healing processes as well.

Holistic massage eases aches and pains by releasing muscle tension and stiffness and provides a feeling of general well-being by encouraging the release of the body’s feel-good chemicals: serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine. As well as increasing the levels of those hormones, massage also decreases the level of cortisone. Having less cortisone pumping around your body means you feel calmer, it also improves the body’s natural responses to illness and injury.

Types of Massage Available at Brixton Therapy Centre

At our friendly centre on Brixton Road in Streatham Hill, our professional team offer a variety of different types of massage including:

Osteopathic Massage

Many people wrongly believe that osteopathy is all about cracking and intense joint manipulation. Although sometimes this can form part of a treatment a substantial part of osteopathic treatment is massage of both joints and soft tissue to treat injuries and problem areas and for general wellbeing.

Sports Massage

Our sports massage therapists will use a variety of techniques including medium to strong pressure, mobilising and stretching, and resistance exercises to treat a variety of injuries and problems.

Deep-Tissue Massage

Your massage therapist will use medium to strong pressure to work out knotty muscles. This is ideal for non-specific pains, sprains and strains, particularly following intense exercise.

Relaxing/Swedish Massage

A relaxing, soft and flowing massage technique which is renowned for being one of the gentler types of massage involving a lighter touch with long, kneading and tapping strokes to ease away surface muscle tension.

Shiatsu Massage

Using finger pressure (which is the translation of shiatsu) on acupressure points as part of your massage, Shiatsu Massage is a full-body treatment and is relaxing as well as being able to reduce pain, improve the flow of energy or Chi through the body and increase flexibility.

Thai Yoga Massage

A guided yoga/massage session in which your massage therapist will support you in a series of partner yoga stretches, twists and poses. This releases tensions and pressure as well as boosts circulation.

Get In Touch

If you would like more information on the therapies we offer which can support you in your chosen hobbies and activities or if you have an injury or ailment that requires treatment then please do get in touch with us or book an appointment through our online booking service.

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