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Brixton Therapy Centre’s Got You Covered This Christmas

Christmas time can certainly prick your conscience. We are all becoming more environmentally conscious yet there is still so much waste created, even by the ecologically minded, at this time of year.

Enough wrapping paper to reach the moon is thrown away each Christmas, what a waste of the 30 million trees it takes to produce it. Added to that there is an estimated 40 million rolls of non-recyclable sticky tape used as well.

That’s a lot of waste and, in all likelihood, a lot of presents that were not really wanted in the first place.

To help ease your eco-anxiety this Christmas how about buying your loved ones something that doesn’t require wrapping paper or sticky tape, and that they are sure to love and appreciate?

Yes. That’s right a Brixton Therapy Centre gift voucher!

Our vouchers can be purchased for any amount between £10 and £1000 and could pay for or be put towards any of the therapies and treatments we offer.


Christmas can be a lot of fun. However, it can also be stressful, and it can involve toxin overload too as we indulge more heavily in things that are not necessarily good for our bodies. So, a massage after Christmas to help a loved one to relax, lift the tension of a challenging family get-together, or the non-stop busyness of having the children home from school. It can also help with lymphatic circulation, releasing the toxins built up from one too many eggnogs or an inability to stay away from the cheeseboard.


This holistic treatment is not just for treating back problems! Osteopathy, by massaging, stretching and manipulation of joints and muscles can help prevent health problems, as well as help to heal and relieve the pain of existing issues. We should not regard this kind of treatment to feel our best or even comfortable as a ‘treat’. But, all too often niggles or persistent problems just become part of our daily lives. Having a voucher might just be the prompt someone in your life needs to get the help they would otherwise never get around to.

Sports Osteopathy

Give the gift of improved sporting performance this Christmas. Whatever discipline the sportsperson in your life favours sports osteopathy can help relieve the discomfort from sports-related injuries and help prevent injuries in the future. This therapy too, with assessment and advice based on biomechanics, physiology, and anatomy, can aid in retraining muscles for optimum performance. Sports osteopathy is helpful to anyone involved in sport from professionals to those who enjoy sport as a hobby or to keep fit and healthy.


This time of year can be hard. Family gatherings can range from mildly irritating to absolutely traumatic for some and the effects of the financial strain Christmas can put on people can last long into the new year. The last couple of years have been particularly tough on many of us. A counselling session, or sessions, with a professional to express feelings, untangle thoughts, deal with past or present trauma, and receive helpful feedback can be just the support that someone you love might need this year. A voucher for BTC is the perfect way to offer someone this opportunity in a discrete way, leaving them free to take it up if they are ready to or to use for one of the other treatments we offer if they are not.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers, past, present, and future and to wish you all a happy, healthy, and peaceful Christmas and New Year.

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