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To arrange an assessment please call 020 7733 9944

What does a counsellor do?

  • Listen effectively to what you are saying

  • Interrupt you when it is useful and appropriate

  • Facilitate your untangling of thoughts, feelings and worries about a situation

  • Offer you their insights into how you act, think and feel

  • Teach, show and help you express your emotions in your own way

  • Teach, show and help you work out your own solutions to problems

  • Teach, show and help you accept what cannot be changed

  • Teach, show, help and support you and your relationship while you do all this

Counselling provides an opportunity to explore all facets of the human experience. To talk through and reflect upon what is happening in your life. Sharing feelings and thoughts with someone who is there to support, understand and empower you. This can help you to discover new ways of responding to stressful situations and past events.



All that is discussed in counselling is private. Great care is taken not to disclose information without discussing with the client first.

Counselling sessions are confidential. The limits of confidentiality will be discussed at the outset of counselling. Generally confidentiality would only be breached if you or anyone else were in imminent danger of significant harm.

What is Counselling?

Counselling describes a helping relationship where the client has the opportunity to talk about the difficulties they are experiencing with a compassionate and empathic professional. The counsellor provides a safe and confidential space, free from outside interruptions.

Additionally, it refers to a way of helping the client explore their inner life with the aim of bringing insight and relief to the motivations, conflicts and behaviours which cause emotional pain and relationship difficulty.

In that time you talk about whatever is on your mind. This way the therapist is able to discover what it is that is worrying you and help you gain some deeper understanding and resolution of these issues. Clients will feel that the therapist is listening and interested in their difficulties, and is able to bring a fresh perspective on what is going on for them.

Counselling is suitable for people with a range of difficulties. Initially meeting for between 1-3 sessions in order to get a clear understanding of what you need and are looking for. On some occasions a different form of therapy may be recommended. Generally this form of psychotherapy is suitable for people who are able to make use of insight into their difficulties and who are willing to make a commitment to explore their inner lives in some depth.

During the initial meeting a discussion will be had regarding the recommended frequency of therapy and possible duration. 


Counselling sessions last for 50 minutes.


£55 per session

Concessions are available; please ask.

Therapists offering Counselling

Melania Leanza

We are easily accessible from the surrounding areas such as Brixton Hill, Streatham, Clapham, Herne Hill, Tulse Hill, Peckham, Camberwell, East Dulwich, Kennington, Oval, Vauxhall and Stockwell, covering the postcodes SW9, SW2, SW4, SW8, SW16, SE24, SE15, SE5, SE22, SE11, SE1.

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