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Reno Pelekanou M.Ost, BA Hons

Registered Osteopath


Reno qualified with a Masters in Osteopathy with distinction from the University College of

Osteopathy. He has been published in the International Journal of Osteopathic medicine, with

articles and research on understanding patients’ pain. Reno also holds a BA Honours Degree in

Drama & Film.


Reno treats the whole spectrum of conditions. These range from sports injuries with a focus on pain

relief, biomechanics and exercise rehabilitation, to chronic pain and arthritis. He also treats

stress/anxiety related postural tension and more complex pain syndromes, where treatment may

focus more on breathing mechanics and body relaxation.

Reno draws on a range of techniques in treatment, depending on each patient’s needs. These

include, soft tissue work, manipulations, muscle energy techniques, medical acupuncture/dry

needling, sports rehabilitation, shockwave therapy and mindfulness-based approaches. He has a

passion for treating patients; helping to reassure them and support them through their pain back to


Reno loves travelling, keeping fit, health & wellbeing, mindfulness practices and a spot of cooking!

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