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Video Consultations

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Hello, we have been thinking hard about how we can help and advise our clients now that it's safer not to be in the same space. To do so, we are harnessing online video and the phone, to provide high-quality care. Many patients have benefitted from remote check-ins with their Brixton Therapy Centre therapists before, and we are now expanding this option to include new patients. Fortunately there is a lot of help that we can offer remotely. In fact, research shows that the quality of medical consultations when done remotely is similar to those in the clinic. Physical examination findings still hold true when compared to remote diagnoses. Some low back pain patients do very well with remote management.  Moreover we've found that most patients are highly satisfied with tele-healthcare, thanks to easier therapy access and reduced expenses and travel. Over the last week, we have worked tirelessly to create a professional, safe, and effective remote treatment experience for our patients, putting us into a great position to continue to help the community in those challenging times. Please see below for details. On social media we will be posting regular advice on all sorts of topics from wellbeing support to ergonomics for home working to exercises for specific conditions. These are difficult times but we will get through this if we all support each other as best as we can. If you like to keep updated we are on all the usual social media and you can sign up for our newsletter on our website. Contact details can be found at the bottom of this email. Wishing all the best, stay safe. Mardi and the team

We are now offering Video and Telephone Consultations for new and returning patients. This encompasses a medical interview to understand your condition and personal context. On this basis, we can perform orthopaedic tests remotely where needed and decide the best course of medical care together with you. As in face-to-face consultations, we can provide expert advice and explanations as to your condition. This comes with lots of self-management advice from simple life-style tips to tailored exercise programmes; all this delivered through a professional technical set-up.   These consultations are priced at £35 and come with brief follow-up calls where needed to check on you and your progress. We can take payment by card through our website. Please call us to book: 02077339944 Soon you will be able to book video consultations via our online booking site. Also, simple queries can be dealt with by a free 5 minute phone conversation. Just call us and we will arrange for the osteopath or physiotherapist to call you back. Lastly, we can arrange for you have a mini personal training session.

Our acupuncturists can offer video consultations for:

  • acupressure and essential oils for wellbeing support for everyone

  • pregnant women looking for support around breech babies

  • acupressure for late pregnancy and induction. 

  • acupoint therapy with essential oils

Follow up consultations for existing clients £35 New clients initial consultation £45 Please call us to book: 02077339944

These are difficult times. If you need to talk to a therapist, Farrella Dove is a registered psychotherapist as well as counsellor and is offering video consultations. The initial consultation will be charged at £50. Normal charges range from £50-70. Please call us to book: 02077339944

If you would like to enquire about Homeopathy then we can put you in touch with Ruth Tindall, who is a classically trained homeopath.

Additional Services

We are connected to many local services that offer online yoga classes, breath and meditation workshops and tutoring for children. We will be posting about these on our social media.

This email is being sent to you as you are, or have been, a client of Brixton Therapy Centre and are on our database. For scientific references for the above claims with regards to the effectiveness and patient satisfaction of remote medical consultations, please get in touch.  This is a one off message relating to managing your appointments and is not a marketing mail. Those of you who have opted out of receiving our newsletter will NOT in the future receive any other emails other than that relating to any booked appointments.

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