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Top tips for chaps on improving physical well-being 

In Chinese Medicine, historically people would pay their doctor to keep them healthy. And if they became sick, the doctor would not be paid until their health returned.  But in western medicine we only see a medical professional when something is wrong.  And men might not even go then as they have a well-documented reluctance to seek help (or directions!).

But isn’t it a better idea to take a more proactive approach to health and focus on keeping healthy rather than waiting until something stops working before seeking help?  And that’s where an Osteopath could come in!  We must successfully complete a four or five-year degree course to achieve a BSc (Hons), BOst (Bachelor of Osteopathy), BOstMed or MOst. The modules cover anatomy, biomechanics, nutrition, pathology, pharmacology and physiology plus over 1,000 hours of clinical training experience with patients. So we really do know our stuff!

Nip those niggles in the bud

And at the Brixton Therapy Centre we have a whole team ready and waiting to help keep you fit and well.  As part of your appointment we take a full medical history and will ask about your lifestyle – including diet and exercise.  We can check blood pressure (we're currently offering free checks) and your biomechanics and, unlike our under pressure GPs, often have more time to talk through issues and niggles.  And regular visits to an Osteopath can help to keep you fit and prevent those niggles from developing into something more serious. 

In addition to treatment, we can advise on exercise regimes and healthy eating, posture and lifestyle habits that may be impacting your ability to live life as you want to.  But our training and experience means that we also know when to refer you to your GP.  So, whether you’re a regular runner, keen cyclist, dedicated gym bunny, total couch potato or something in between, why not come along for an appointment with one of our Osteopaths?  Book here.

Just in case you’re still undecided - here’s out three top tips for chaps when it comes to improving your physical wellbeing:

  • The usual suspects – smoking, drinking and eating badly.  We all know it kills but 19% of men still smoke.  Stopping is easier said than done we know but there’s lots of help available for people wanting to quit.  The same applies to drinking alcohol.   Current UK guidelines advise limiting alcohol intake to 14 units a week for women and men (no more than 6 pints of average-strength beer or 7 medium-sized glasses of wine a week).  And as for food – start with getting that 5 a day and take it from there.

  • Self check out – no, not the supermarket kind!! We’re talking regular checks from puberty for signs of testicular cancer - incidence rates of which in the UK are highest in males aged 30 to 34.   If you’re unsure then there’s some handy advice here.  It’s really about knowing what’s normal for you so you can pick up changes quickly.

  • Overtraining – there are a variety of reasons why men might hit the gym hard including to combat stress.  But, whilst exercise is generally a good thing, it is possible to overdo it.  It’s important to allow your body time proper rest, relaxation and recovery time.  Classic signs of overtraining include a higher than usual heart rate; irritability; trouble sleeping; loss of appetite; and, of course fatigued, sore, and tight muscles. 

Ready for that Osteopath appointment now?  It’s just a click away.

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