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Linda Mills

Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist, Shiatsu & Tui Na Practitioner

Linda trained for three years in the combined studies of Shiatsu Massage, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Counselling, graduating in 1998, from the Ki Kai Shiatsu Centre, which has now been established at Morley College, Lambeth North Campus.


She then attended Suzanne Yates one year Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Shiatsu course. As well as supporting women, fertility and pregnancy, she trains pregnant Mum’s birth partners in Shiatsu pain relief, in preparation for their birth. She offers a comprehensive written Third trimester Pregnancy Pack.


In 2016 she completed her combined degree in Western Medicine, Therapeutic Relationships, Research and Acupuncture.


She developed her work in Autistic centres and wrote her dissertation on the acupuncture points in Shiatsu that had Beneficial Effects for Autistic Children. On this course she developed her interested in the positive effects of massage and wound healing and the immune system.

In 2020 she completed her Masters in Chinese Herbs at the University of Westminster. During her acupuncture degree she became interested in Stroke Rehabilitation. Supporting individuals during their recovery and developed this further and centred her Chinese Herbal dissertation on Stroke Recovery. She based her Case History on herbs that heal the skin and wounds.

Linda promotes a wide range of health initiatives in individual’s lives, aiming to empower and encourage all to increase their fitness and positive outlook in life.

Examples of the areas she has experience with are;


  • ​Menstrual disorders, menopause.

  • Support during pregnancy, birth, postnatal.

  • Paediatrics.

  • Autism.

  • Strokes survivor rehabilitation.

  • Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s.

  • Cancer.

  • Skin; including psoriasis & eczema.

  • Drug rehabilitation.

  • Trauma, mental health such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress and learning to live with voices.

  • Headaches, migraines, allergies & asthma.

  • Musculo-skeletal injury & pain.


Meditation, Yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Qi

While studying Community Studies and Psychology at Morley College Linda worked up until 1995 at "East West Herb Shop" in Covent Garden and later at "The Lotus Healing Centre" in St John's Wood where she gained insight into Eastern Food Energetics (how diet can be linked to recovery and treatment), the ancient art of meditation, yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Qi.

Shiatsu & Tui Na Massage

Inspired by her work at the Lotus Healing Centre she went on to train for three years in the combined studies of Shiatsu Massage, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Counselling, graduating in 1998, from the Ki Kai Shiatsu Centre. This has now been integrated into Morley College’s Shiatsu diploma course, Lambeth North Campus.


From 2017-19, under the guidance of Sarah Prichard, the exciting Tui-Na Massage Diploma course was completed at The North London College of Acupuncture. Enhancing the Tui Na courses she completed (with Rosey Grandage) at the University of Westminster (2009-16). Linda set up the Shiatsu Circle South London branch – from 2014 – a peer support organisation to promote work & research. More recently in 2019 she created the Complementary Circle for peer support & research – linking the two organisations with community projects at the Art4Space.

Community Work

Since 1998, through community health projects as a health workshop leader and individual shiatsu practitioner she has worked in:

  • St Thomas’s Hospital

  • Drug Rehabilitation Centres (including Parole)

  • Domestic violence Out Reach

  • Autistic Centres, Local Schools and Nurseries.


Through this work she has gained a broad clinical experience for a wide selection of different conditions, working individually or in small teams with other complementary therapists or medical professionals. Here treatments environments vary from a medical treatment setting to the staff at St Thomas’s hospital, to a more community-based setting in local schools, nurseries where she has massaged all the staff and children in classrooms or in small makeshift clinics. Her acupuncture dissertation involved a five-year research programme set in specialist autistic centres exploring the effects of shiatsu and acupressure. Part of the learning outcome was how treatments created calm learning environments, which not only enhanced the children’s well-being, but offered creative solutions to educational and health challenges.


Through this community work Linda also learnt to set up teams of practitioners to cover the vast array of people requesting treatments, for example when organising free Shiatsu massage at the Stockwell Community Centre 2000-2005. She integrated this with supervising third year Shiatsu students; offering them a clinical experience for the last year of their studies. She has supported and contributed to the local community campaigning to promote the benefits of complementary therapies, for example in 2016-17, with the Studley Estates Residence Association (SERA), as the Health Liaison Officer. She worked with a small team to save the Stockwell Community Centre, which among other activities promoted the health and well-being of the community, which has now been integrated into Morley College and serves as an educational institution as well a community centre. In doing so sustaining her long positive link with Morley College.




After 12 years practice as a Shiatsu massage practitioner, she enhanced her touch sensitivity with further training. Here she developed the acupuncture palpation method informed by the late Prof Wang. For eight years she trained on a combined degree in Western Medicine, Therapeutic Relationships, Research and Acupuncture, where she graduated from The University of Westminster in 2016. Since then, she has followed professors of acupuncture in their research centred on strokes, anxiety and depression and anxiety, to promote and improve positive health outcomes. 

Chinese Herbs

From 2016-2020 Linda completed her studies on a Masters in Chinese Herbal medicine at the University of Westminster. Under the guidance of Professor Volker Scheid, Dr Tony Booker & Mike Potter were the classics such as Shang Han Lun were researched beside modern biochemistry. Specialising in stroke rehabilitation. As always integrating all that she learns into her clinical practice and local community projects, for example Friends of Lark Hall Park and Larks – community garden & Stockwell Oasis Community Garden. Where she raises funds and promote environmental horticultural courses & projects for young people.

Linda Mills M.Sc BSc BAcC Dip Tui Na/Shiatsu & Counselling/Psychology & Community Studies/Fine Art & Design.

Member of Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM).

Member British Acupuncture Council (BAcC)

Member of The Shiatsu Society.

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