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Lilou Convert

Registered Osteopath


Lilou is a qualified General and Cranial Osteopath. She has experience in treating patients with various conditions from headaches, migraines and neck issues, to fibromyalgia and more. She graduated with a Master of Osteopathy with distinction from the renowned University College of Osteopathy.


Her approach to treatment is a combination of Cranial Osteopathy, Traditional Osteopathy techniques and Manual Lymphatic Drainage to get the best results. She is also qualified in Western Medical Acupuncture. Using a tailored approach to care, she will ensure her patients are listened to and walk out feeling much better.

She has a special interest in head and neck disorders as well as spinal injuries such as sciatica. She also cares for women pre and postpartum. She has experience working with patients suffering from stress, anxiety, post covid syndrome or even chronic fatigue.

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