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Anastasia Menshikova


Being raised in a big family, from the early years Ana learned how to take care of elderly members of her family. Her great-grandmother, who was working at the hospital and passed away when she was 93, had a big influence in Ana’s upbringing.


Ana always wanted to be in healthcare, but life experience took her down a different path of being a lawyer completing her first Masters degree in Law in 2013 and worked in forensic examination for 2 years. This valuable experience helped her to find further ways of helping people and in 2016 brought her to London where Ana came across Osteopathy and passionately fell in love with this profession.

During her practice at the UCO clinic for the last 2 years, Ana has gained a wide range of experience in applying practical techniques, critically evaluated patients' symptoms and advised on a wide range of treatments tailored for the patients conditions, including fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, autoimmune conditions, and various inflammatory conditions.


Ana is planning to complete further professional development in Women’s Health, Pregnancy and Paediatrics give her passion for helping and treating in these areas.

Ana has also continued to offer Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, on top of her work as an Osteopath, as well as Tibetan Massage, a unique style of massage that she learned in Nepal.

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