What We Do

How to Prevent:

 - Back Pain

 - Neck Pain

 - Shoulder Pain

 - Tight Muscles

 - Leg Pain

 - Sciatica

 - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

What is Osteopathy

Target Audience:

 - Sports Injuries

 - Mother and Baby

 - Corporate workers

 - Leisure Activity

 - Muscle Issues

 - Private Healthcare


What is Acupuncture

Here at Brixton Therapy Centre our aim is to get you pain free as soon as possible. Our registered osteopaths will ask questions in relation to the pain in order to reach a solution. Together we can plan a path towards your rehabilitation, that is safe and the most optimal. Our professionals, during your first consultation, will apply treatment to relieve any immediate pain and set your body on course to recovery. The most common problems may require more than one session in order to feel better. Your body is your responsibility and our priority so we can subscribe you the right exercises, that you can do at home, for you to maintain that balance your body needs.

Acupuncture is a safe treatment that some people use as a preventative measure to strengthen their constitution, or because they feel unwell. It can also be used alongside conventional medicine in the treatment of both acute and chronic disease.

Acupuncture has been known to help many conditions, we've listed common ones below. Our centre has a team of experienced acupuncturists with diverse training including TCM (Chinese Traditional Medicine), Five Elements and Stems and Branches.

Acupuncture is a holistic form of health care, which is over 2000 years old. In recent years there has been increased scientific research into the benefits of acupuncture.

Acupuncture is based upon the belief that health is dependent upon the smooth flow of Qi energy. Many factors can upset the natural balance of Qi;

What is Massage