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Online Video Consultations

Pain Therapy via Telehealth: Our pain expert David provides a safe and scientifically sound

treatment option for people in pain. You can also book your usual therapist for telehealth.

With infection numbers out of control and many people isolating, we understand that many

people cannot or prefer not to visit the clinic – even though we made it as safe as possible

to do so. We want these patients to still have personal and effective care. Fortunately, the

science is clear that assessment and management of pain is possible and effective over the

phone and via video.

Since March, the team at Brixton Therapy Centre has worked hard to make telehealth an

attractive option: We have optimised online tools, allowing you to enter the virtual

consultation by simply clicking on a link, and conforming with all professional and data

protection regulations. David, a therapist with over 5 years practice experience and also a

PhD pain researcher at Imperial College, has taken the lead in the pain and physical therapy

professions to promote and improve such remote consultations. In spring, he trained over

1,500 other therapists via a webinar series in how to provide remote care for people in pain

and he has just published an article on the topic in a high-class scientific journal. Patients

appreciate that they can get seen in the comfort and safety of their own home, have an in-

depth consultation with a healthcare professional who can provide a diagnosis and

treatment plan for their problem, and who is able to check in with them again when


What you can get from online pain management:

  • Highly-qualified medical questioning, remote assessment, appropriate referral for further investigation where needed, and diagnosis. 

  • Evidence-based and effective options for pain management and treatment, including specific exercise plans, behavioural advice, and self-management strategies for pain. 

  • Personal care and follow-up calls when required.

Who this is for:

  • Anyone feeling more comfortable being seen in the safety of their own home.

  • High-risk groups for COVID-19 or people in regular contact with high-risk populations.

  • Patients with COVID-like symptoms, a positive test result or who have been in close contact with a positive or suspected case in the last 14 days.

  • People with limited mobility and those preferring to avoid public transport or living far away.

We are still open for face-to-face consultations and, circumstances permitting, remote consultations can always be transferred into face-to-face appointments.

Call us, or email, to book telehealth pain management.

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