Tony Austin

Shiatsu Therapist


Tony originally studied shiatsu and meditation under Sonia Moriceau at The Healing Shiatsu Education Centre graduating in 1991. He continues to study with some of the country’s leading bodywork practitioners including Cliff Andrews, Annie Cryar and Nicola Pooley of the Shiatsu College; Dan Stretton and Kulwinder Kaur of the British School of Shiatsu-Do and, most recently, Saul Goodman of Shin Tai International.

Tony is particularly interested in the relationship between the body and mind and see shiatsu as a practice that enables individuals to foster their own healing resources.

“Shiatsu” literally means finger pressure. It works by using two of our most fundamental experiences: the free flow of energy in the body and empathic human touch. Its goals are:

  • To release the primary energy/information system of the body in order to maintain

  • To work with the spine and the musculo-skeletal structure from an energetic

  • To help relieve pain and symptoms related to structural/postural dysfunction, by encouraging the body’s own sense of alignment.


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Myofascial Release

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