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Rachel Howard

Registered Osteopath

Rachel graduated from the University College of Osteopathy with a Distinction. Prior to that, she studied Psychology at the University of Bristol, with the intention of becoming a Clinical Psychologist. After graduating, she was treated by an osteopath and discovered a whole new approach to health and wellbeing and never looked back.

Rachel is a strong believer in the osteopathic principle that the body tends towards self healing and as osteopaths we are finding the key to help unlock this. She uses a wide range of techniques which are individually tailored to each patient. These include structural osteopathy, visceral, cranial, shockwave and medical acupuncture. She has a special interest in complex chronic pain conditions.  


Rachel left us briefly to go travelling in early 2002, but we're pleased to say that she is back with us now.

Rachel says "It’s great to be back at Brixton Therapy Centre after having been away for the past few months travelling in Brazil. My partner is from Brazil and we had always planned to spend some time there after covid travel restrictions were eased. After an amazing time away, I am really excited to be back seeing patients again". 

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