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Mia Barclay

Mia has a BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage. She is also in her final (fourth) year as an osteopathy student and due to graduate in the summer of 2023 from the University College of Osteopathy.


Her training both in massage and osteopathy has made her highly knowledgeable in anatomy and physiology and on a practical level it has equipped her with soft tissue skills such as; massage, soft tissue release, neuromuscular techniques, and many more.

She is ideally suited to tailor a personalised massage for each client.


A former professional dancer, Mia experienced many sports related injuries, and soon became humbled by the complexity of the human body. This experience led her to begin her education in both sports massage and osteopathy - so that she could help others to understand their bodies better, and to get back to what they love doing best.


As well as being interested in sports and the performing arts, Mia also has a love for both Yoga and Meditation, which developed during her travels around Asia and Indonesia. Her quest to better understand her own body has led to a specific interest in womens' health, enabling her to support other women during their health journey.

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