Matteo Erli

Registered Osteopath


Matteo graduated from the International College Of Osteopathic Medicine (ICOM) in Italy and then moved to the UK to further his education with a Masters (1st Class Honours Degree) at Kingston University.


His experience in the field of osteopathy is the result of different clinic settings across Italy, UK and the USA.

His approach includes both structural (musculoskeletal) and functional (visceral, cranio-sacral and fascial) techniques adapted to tailored treatments.

He recently started to treat newborns alongside other healthcare professional such as Lactation consultants.

Matteo says: "My aim is to help people to find a better state of health while always respecting my patients needs. I am driven by honesty and humility and these characteristics also reflect my way of working."


During his free time he enjoys exploring outdoors and going for long cycle rides.

Treatments:               Osteopathy

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