Marek Kolarik

Qualified Osteopath

Marek qualified in 2020 and is about to be registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) having completed a M.Ost qualification at University College of Osteopathy, one of the leading Osteopathy training institutions.


His therapeutic approach is to combine predominantly direct techniques such as articulation, mobilisation and deep soft tissue alongside active treatment methods such as exercise prescription, muscle energy technique and neurodynamic exercises.  


Marek says;


"Besides working with the body, I am interested in patients as a person. I suffered from low back pain for several years which made me realise how it can influence the body as well as behaviour and therefore your life. This is why I became interested in Manual Therapy and Osteopathy.


This experience helped me to learn a lot not only about human anatomy and physiology but about people and myself. During my training at University College of Osteopathy I worked with all sorts of different patients; patients with disabilities, homeless, chronic pain sufferers, and patients with incurable illness. From this experience I learned that anyone, no matter what their circumstances, can have improve their life.

For this reason, my approach is within the Biopsychosocial (Body and Mind) model and to promote Autonomy with patients. This is because I believe that the start of the healing journey starts within us. My main goal when working with patients, is to promote their self-regulatory/self-healing mechanism. 

My hobbies are running, bouldering, cycling, spending time with friends and in nature.

I am extremely enthusiastic about the world of Manual Therapy and I hope to remain so for a long time."

Sports Massage Therapist

Marek has 5 years of experience as a Massage Therapist, after completing ITEC Level 3 Sport Massage therapist qualification.


Most of his clients are usually dealing with sport injuries, and postural imbalances due to their problems from prolonged posture at work. His treatment approach is mainly focusing on individual needs. On sport injuries, his aim is to educate his clients on prevention of injuries. Massage itself is to release muscular tension and aid the recovery process along with improvement of joint flexibility using mostly deep tissue work, stretching and muscle energy techniques.


When working with clients with postural issues the aim is to release the muscular tension caused by stress, improve blood circulation and educate clients on working ergonomics along with corrective exercises.