Ingrid Broad



Ingrid qualified as a physiotherapist in 1979 at St Mary's Paddington. She worked in various NHS institutions, but became increasingly dissatisfied at her inability to relieve all her patients' pain. So she studied acupuncture for two years at the British College of Acupuncture, London and graduated with a Diploma in 1993. In 1994 she attended an advanced acupuncture course in Wuhan, China.

Since then Ingrid has been using both physiotherapy and acupuncture, developing a deep love of the latter. 

For three years (2006-2008) she was employed by a GP surgery to provide acupuncture for a variety of conditions such as back and neck pain, anxiety and depression, irritable bowel syndrome, and a wide variety of other chronic problems which conventional medicine tends not to be able to treat. She audited the success of the service and had the results published.

Ingrid started working at Brixton Therapy Centre in January 2009. Her primary concern is to establish a good relationship with her patients and to find a treatment which works for them. She uses very fine needles and gentle needling techniques. She sometimes uses electroacupuncture.

Ingrid says that “acupuncture is a beautiful, ancient form of medicine which helps the body to heal itself and people to become healthy and happy.”

To find out more about how Ingrid works please take a look at her website.

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