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Healing Therapies (Reiki & Chakra Healing)

Reiki Treatment

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A Reiki healing treatment accelerates emotional and physical healing, reduces anxiety, improves posture and increases peace and love for self and all things. Pronounced ray-key, it originated from Tibet thousands of years ago. Our lineage is from the Japanese natural healing system of Dr Mikao Usui.

Sometimes it is difficult to remember we are not just our bodies - we have an energy body as well as a physical body, and energy that is in and around us is also in every thing: it supports life. Reiki's purpose is to balance the chakras (energy centres) so energy flows unimpeded throughout the body. It deals with the cause of a problem - so there will be no effect; Reiki finds the cause, fills the energy need and restores the body to wholeness, supporting the whole person - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and only works for the good. It is a very gentle, simple and powerful way to relax, rejuvenate or invigorate; many say they feel reborn or lighter.

Treatments and frequency are individually tailored to suit the client's needs and condition. A full treatment generally lasts around an hour with the client lying on a massage couch fully clothed. The therapist will place their hands on or near the client. As sessions progress, the low level of energy associated with the illness, disease or emotional issue will begin to rise until the level of Life Force becomes self-supporting: recovery starts to become easy to see, the client's physical symptoms begin to evaporate, encouraging and motivating the client more in all aspects of their life.

Reiki is non-invasive and safe for pregnant women.

We have an energy body as well as a physical body: Reiki balances your chakras, you may feel deep inner peace and even evaporate troublesome issues. Just sit back, fully clothed, and joyfully relax with Reiki's natural vibes.


Chakra Healing


The Body-Mirror System of Chakra Healing is a system developed by Martin Brofman, Ph.D, which is a synthesis of Western psychology and Eastern philosophies based on the chakras (energy centres).

Because each of these chakras can be associated with certain parts of the mind as well as certain parts of the body, they allow us to read the body as a map of the consciousness within. Tensions in the body are seen to reflect tensions in the consciousness, and the chakras can be used as a vehicle to understand and clear these issues facilitating healing in both the body and the mind.

Tension is stress, and stress causes symptoms. If you wish to release a symptom, it is important to release the stress that created the symptom, by bringing into harmony the parts of your life that have not been working well. The Body Mirror System can provide the means of identifying the specific tensions creating the particular symptoms, as well as the tools intended to release them. When this is done, resolving the tensions in your consciousness allows you to release the inner cause of the symptoms. It is then possible for your body and your consciousness to return to their natural state of balance, and for you to return to the way of being that works best for you.

A session is relaxing and non-invasive, leaving you grounded, centred and energised. You will feel lighter as you have let go of old blocks creating space inside for positive changes to happen.

£50 for 30 minutes  | £70 for 60 minutes | £95 for 90 minutes

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