Giulia Volpe

Registered Osteopath 


 Giulia Volpe graduated from Kingston University with a Master in Osteopathy and is a
registered Osteopath with GOsc. She also accomplished a Diploma in Osteopathy from
International College of Osteopathic Medicine (ICOM) in Florence, her native city.

During her five years of studying she attempted different types of courses that allowed herto practice an integrative approach mixing cranio-sacral, visceral, fascial and structural
techniques- keeping in mind that every person is different, and it is important to adapt
particular techniques to the patient.

Giulia works with chronic pain and posture related conditions.The most important goal for her is to change a person’s quality of life and comfort due to her treatments, and to inform patients how important some habits can affect their condition and day to day living.


Giulia is highly engaged with her patients and is known for her enthusiasm, positive energy and great ability to build a relationship with her patient. The above characteristics are very important to Giulia in order to build trust and ensure a positive environment.

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