Emma Tubmen

Massage Therapist


Emma is predominantly a massage therapist and reflexologist but also practises cranio-sacral therapy. She treats people with a wide range of muscular as well as mental and emotional issues, and people with special needs.

At the first session she will have a brief chat with you about what you would like from the treatment. Such as a combination or just one type of treatment. In subsequent treatments you can tell her what you want or just tell her how you're feeling and she will do the rest.

Her clients leave feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, invigorated, relieved and overall happy. She has many regular clients, often office workers with problems relating to their posture as well as those who feel they would like to make more of themselves and feel that anxiety is holding them back. Cranio-sacral therapy is a very profound treatment which enables you to become more authentically You, by gradually releasing blocks held from past experiences. It works very well in combination with reflexology and massage.

She offers advice on postural awareness, exercises, lifestyle and diet to achieve a healthier and happier ideal you. She also treats pregnant women, elderly patients, teenagers, babies as well as people with special educational needs. She loves her work, she loves people and it shows!

"thanks for looking me up and hope to meet you for a treatment at Brixton Therapy Centre soon, all the best, Emma"

Healing treatments with Emma Tubmen BA(Hons) ITEC IIR

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage

Indian Head Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Relaxing or Swedish Massage


Member of the Int'l Institute of Reflexology

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