Deborah Parkinson


Reiki Master


Deborah is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and a member of the UK Reiki Federation. She has been working with Reiki for over eight years.

"My aim as a therapist is to restore the body’s life energy and bring it back to its natural harmonised state, to release any tension caused by everyday lifestyles and to promote a sense of wellbeing".

Like many people today, Deborah had a desire to change her hectic lifestyle and create a better work-life balance. 

After experiencing various treatments with other holistic therapists, she was introduced to Reiki which both transformed her outlook and confirmed to her that it was a healing technique she would like to practice. Since 2000 Deborah has been on a continual journey to refine her style and skills as a teacher/therapist. She has worked with a wide range of clients with diverse needs and expectations of how Reiki can enhance their lifestyles. Previous clients have included children, couples and both pre-natal and postnatal women, each with their own individual physical, emotional or spiritual dilemmas.


As a Teacher, Deborah would like to share with others the benefits of Reiki and of the body’s unique ability to restore inner harmony and to heal itself.

There are four course levels:

  • Level one gives an introduction to the history of Reiki and its healing concepts as well as providing you with the ability to heal through attunements.

  • Level two builds on the knowledge gained from level one and students are introduced to the Reiki symbols and their meanings.

  • Level three is to achieve the Reiki Master standard; it provides professional level tuition and a qualification for public practice. Levels one and two are prerequisites for level three course.

  • Level four is for those who achieve Reiki Master standard and wish to teach Reiki. Students who successfully complete this course are awarded the Reiki Master Teacher qualification.

Experience has shown her that a greater understanding and benefit is gained from teaching smaller groups so Deborah aims to teach a maximum of six students at any one time.