Carlos Gomez

Massage Therapist

The beginning of my career as a masseur started in 2015, following years of being an athlete and having found my self frequently in the need of being helped with massage therapy.

I first learned on my own body the importance of feeling the benefits of this therapeutic approach to help me solve acute pain that I constantly had, caused by the consequences of multiple traumas I had undergone. That moment in my life taught me that massage therapy can be such a game-changer for many people, which is the reason why I started studying and developing my skills as a masseur from then onwards.


My approach is based on releasing muscle hypertone and spasms, creating pain and discomfort, to improve the body’s overall circulation, the tissue’s oxygenation and reduce recovery time for athletes. But massage therapy isn’t exclusively for people who perform sports. In fact, I love to work with people who are constantly under pressure and live highly stressful lives, for it’s in these cases that clients experience the hormonal and psychological improvements of the approach I offer.


My treatments are always tailor-made to the client’s needs and requests, therefore they can be very gentle or quite firm. Independently from that though, all clients receive 100% of my expertise for the full length of the treatment they have required. My title as massage therapist, recognised by the Complementary Medical Association (UK), would be absolutely useless if not accompanied by the skills I have had the time to develop in my own personal practice and the care that I alway focus on guaranteeing to my clients.


From the client’s point of view, undergoing a massage should not be thought as a painful experience.

In fact, even though sometimes pressure needs to be applied on specific points to release tensions, these should never be felt as unbearable. My approach grants the possibility to achieve muscular relaxations by alternating firmer pressures with more superficial and softer draining manoeuvres.

Waking up feeling recharged and empowered are some of the main benefits that you will be feeling the day after my treatment and will help you to get on with your day in a pleasant and smooth way.

Sports Massage

Deep-Tissue Massage

Relaxing/Swedish Massage