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Angelo Zanfardino

Angelo has been practising as an osteopath in several London clinics since graduating in 2016, from
the British School of Osteopathy (now University College of Osteopathy).

Angelo’s journey to becoming a practitioner began like many who work in the therapeutic field. His
first career was as a professional ballet dancer, training in his native Naples and Monte Carlo, then
performing with companies throughout Europe for over a decade. Whilst dancing, Angelo suffered
a severe ankle injury which required surgery and resulted in several years of difficult rehabilitation,
during which he experienced the benefits of Osteopathy and the GYROTONIC® movement system.
Gyrotonic is a rehabilitative movement method, highly popular in continental Europe, North America
and China, and ideal as a complement to Osteopathy. He was inspired as a result to become first a
certified GYROTONIC® teacher, in 2007, and then a certified GYROKINESIS® teacher in 2009, before
building upon these therapeutic credentials with five years of study at the British School of
Osteopathy in London, graduating with a Master in Osteopathy.

As a keen believer in continual learning, Angelo is always looking for the optimal way to help people
recover and improve their health. Since his graduation he has undertaken numerous courses to
enhance his training, including on Visceral Osteopathy with the UK Barral Institute , Craniosacral
Osteopathy with Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy, ongoing specialized GYROTONIC® and
Gyrokinesis courses, pilates courses, and he became a BodyCode System teacher in 2019.
Angelo strongly believes that movement is essential for the healing process. His osteopathic
approach also includes rehabilitative exercises based on Gyrotonic movements, integrating them
with a holistic approach for all body parts. He teaches Gyrokinesis exercises with the aim of injury
prevention and strengthening, adapting them to the needs of individual patients so they feel
supported and guided in their journey to regaining pain-free movement. As a professional dancer, he
strove to find perfection in the beauty of movement, and his own experience of injury and
rehabilitation has enhanced his appreciation of facilitating his patients’ journeys back to their
bodies’ optimal movement abilities, including flexibility, strength and pain-free movement.

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