A safe and gentle, yet powerful form of medicine which stimulates the immune system into action when our bodies have been overwhelmed by mental/emotional and/or physical stresses.

Rather than treating just the symptoms of disease (e.g. insomnia/headaches/anxiety), homœopathy aims to encourage your body’s own healing power to heal itself. This is achieved by finding a homœopathic remedy that is most similar to you as an individual, which will act as a catalyst.

Our Homeopathic Remedies are made from minute quantities of natural substances prepared in a manner which releases their curative properties (energy) and remove any toxicity.

This makes homœopathy a valuable therapy for the treatment of children, during pregnancy and when unable to use a medication because of incompatibility with existing medicines.


Succesful Homeopathy Treatment

'My 7 year old daughter has an intolerance to milk which causes her to scratch herself raw. Since she started being treated by Ruth she is able to tolerate small amounts of milk based food without the excema breaking out. Her constant runny nose has cleared up and the dark circles under her eyes have disappeared. We are both very happy with the treatment and would recommend homeopathy for any child with excema'.

- JM, mother of two, Brixton


£65 per session | £150 initial consultation